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Guillaume ErardGuillaume Erard (born April 13, 1981) started practicing judo at the age of six. After several years studying and competing, he became disillusioned with the essentially sportive nature of modern judo and he decided to turn to another martial art. Guillaume began studying aikido at the age of fifteen in the group headed by the late André Nocquet, the first foreign uchi deshi of Morihei Ueshiba. After finishing high school, Guillaume relocated to Britain, and then Ireland to undertake scientific studies. This international experience allowed him to train under numerous sensei in different styles of aikido including Aikikai, Yoshinkan, and Iwama, as well as in other martial arts such as Shotokan karate and Systema. His encounter in 2005 with Philippe Gouttard profoundly changed his vision of Aikido and the teachings of this master still influence him today. Guillaume received the 3rd dan Aikikai in 2010 from Christian Tissier shihan. Guillaume Erard left Ireland in 2010 after obtaining his PhD (Cell and Molecular Biology) from University College Dublin and he relocated to Tokyo, where he is now working as a scientific editor and training daily at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. In early 2013, he was promoted to the rank of 4th Dan Aikikai upon succesful examination in front of Miyamoto Tsuruzo shihan, Kanazawa Takeshi shihan, and Suzuki Toshio shidoin. Guillaume has been serving the International Aikido Federation as Information Director since 2015. Guillaume is also a regular practitioner of Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu. He trains regularly under the direction of Kobayashi Kiyohiro sensei, the chairman of the Takumakai and travels twice a year to the island of Shikoku to study with Chiba Tsugutaka. Guillaume was awarded the 1st Dan Takumakai by Kobayashi sensei in 2012, and the 2nd Dan in 2015.

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