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iPhone 5 launch in Tokyo

Apple logo in the Ginza Apple StoreTomorrow, Friday 21st of September 2012 is the official launch of Apple's new iPhone 5. We covered last time the launch of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, and discussed about how it fast-forwarded the adoption of smartphones by Japanese customers in order to replace their dear keitai phones. Today, let's check whether Apple will renew their exploit and let's watch the highlights of the event, directly from the Apple Store in Ginza, the trendy district of Tokyo.

Japan Emperor Akihito's Speech on March 11th 2012

The Emperor and Empress of Japan at the March 11 2012 memorialThis is the full speech that His Majesty the Emperor of Japan gave on Sunday 11 March 2012 during the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami memorial service that was held at the National Theater in Tokyo, Japan. I filmed it at Shinjuku Alta Studios where the whole ceremony was broad casted onto the giant screen facing the station.

Are the anti-nuclear protests in Japan making any difference?

anti-nuclear female protester in TokyoAs most people know by now, Japan is not a country prone to protests and demonstrations. In fact, there simply hasn't been any major protest going on in the country since the 1960's student demonstrations against the Japan-U.S. security treaty. The post-World War II Japan is indeed a country where most people are fiercely attached to compromise, self-sacrifice and moderate views. This added to the more ancient cultural tradition of hiding one's feelings has resulted in this seemingly passive, sheep-like attitude that tends to irritate most of the international community when crisis such as the Fukushima debacle occur. Since the March 11, 2011 earthquake and the following nuclear accident however, demonstrations, even though they are still relatively limited in scope and duration, have been more and more frequent in the streets of Tokyo. The legitimate question that one might ask is: Is Japanese mentality changing in the face of manifest governmental inaction and TEPCO's irresponsible behavior?

Typhoon Roke hit Tokyo on Wednesday September 21st

Typhoon Roke hitting JapanOn Wednesday the 21st of September, Typhoon Roke hit Japan and passed through the Kanto region. Just days after the previous typhoon that heavily affected eastern Japan, authorities have advised over a million people to evacuate their homes and regroup to shelters. Prior to its passage over Tokyo, the torrential rains and the winds reaching over 200 km/h had killed already for people.

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