Peter Goldsbury

Peter Goldsbury is the chairman of the International Aikido Federation. He is also a philosophy professor at the University of Hiroshima and one of the very few westerners who have successfully setup a dojo in Japan.

This the first part (of three) of my interview with Professor Peter Goldsbury. I first met Peter Goldsbury online when researching for my biography of Kisshomaru Ueshiba. I only met him in person a few years later when I started to work for the International Aikido Federation as its Media Manager and Archiving Director. Perhaps because of the fact that I was partly educated in the United Kingdom, I quickly felt a close connection with him and we quickly started to exchange about Britain and Aikido. We soon decided to meet again and to put on tape some of our discussions and I traveled to his town of Hiroshima to conduct a lengthy interview.

peter goldsbury guillaume erardGuillaume Erard with Peter Goldsbury

We probably talked over four hours during that day and the following video is the first part out of three. We mainly talk about his beginnings and about Aikido in Japan. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to pick the brains of one of the most prominent Aikido historians. I hope that you will enjoy this video.

Documentary with Professor Peter Goldsbury

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