Morihei Ueshiba throwing Nobuyoshi TamuraThis section contains exclusive Aikido videos featuring some historical footage shot by master André Nocquet, 8th dan, the first foreign uchi deshi of Morihei Ueshiba at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Masters featured include Morihei Ueshiba, Minoru Mochizuki, André Nocquet, Kawaishi Mikonosuke, and Nobuyoshi Tamura. The music was scored by Guillaume Erard.

Practice at the old Aikikai Hombu Dojo (c. 1957)

This video was shot at the old Aikikai Hombu Dojo around 1956-1957, a wooden building that occupied the space which is now harboring the house of the Ueshiba family. The practitioners can be seen throwing enthusiastically each other under the watchful eye of Doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru. Tamura Nobuyoshi Sensei and André Nocquet, who were both uchi deshi under the founder of Aikido at the time are also training with each other. In the third part, it is none other than O Sensei Ueshiba Morihei who can be seen performing his amazing techniques on the deshi of the dojo.

André Nocquet practicing with Tamura Nobuyoshi at the Aikikai under the direction of Ueshiba Morihei

Judo promotional video (c. 1935)

This dramatized demonstration was produced by André Nocquet in order to promote Judo to the French public. Based on the vehicles employed, this film was probably shot around 1935.

André Nocquet in a Judo promotional video

Budo demonstration at the 1st European Judo Championships (1951)

This demonstration took place 5th and 6th of December 1951 in Paris during the first European Judo Championship. An expert panel including Kawaishi Mikonosuke and Shozo Awazu, pioneers of French Judo, Mochizuki Minoru, the founder of the Yoseikan Budo, and André Nocquet, who was the first foreign uchi deshi of the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, demonstrated Japanese Budo to a crowd of over 10,000 people. This was probably the first Aikido demonstration to ever take place in Occident.

André Nocquet Kawaishi Mikonosuke and Mochizuki Minoru in demonstration in Paris

Social gathering with O Sensei and Ueshiba Kisshomaru (c. 1957)

This video was probably shot in Tokyo in a currently unidentified park. The founder of Aikido Ueshiba Morihei is seen taking a walk with his son, the second Doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru, André Nocquet, and a number of unidentified persons. This is one of the rare remaining documents of the founder when he is taking part to social gatherings outside of the tatami.

André Nocquet with Ueshiba Morihei and Ueshiba Kisshomaru in Tokyo

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