People who follow me on social networks may know that I have recently been appointed Media Manager and Archiving Directorof the International Aikido Federation. As such, I am working closely with the Hombu Dojo on project ranging from archiving historical documents, to the creation of exclusive multimedia materials to document the activities of the Hombu Dojo and of the FIA. Some also know that in September 2016 will hold the 12th IAF Congress, and that will be held in the city of Takasaki, in the Gunma Prefecture. The last two congresses of 2008 and 2012 were held in the cities of Tanabe (birthplace of O Sensei) and Tokyo, respectively. Unlike those two cities, we had to admit that it was likely that few people may have heard of Takasaki, so we decided to present the city to future congress attendees.

Yoshinobu Irie Shihan and I proceeded to Takasaki early November to help you discover the city. Our guide for the day was Arai Sensei, who runs a beautiful dojo in Takasaki. To be quite frank, the idea of ​​going to Takasaki did not inspire me particularly, and the prospect of having to identify interesting sights became a subject of jokes among us. Once we got there though, Irie Sensei and I quickly realized that one day would not be enough to cover all the interesting things the region has to offer and we had to make a selection and restrict ourselves to a radius of ten kilometers around the station. Prospective conference participants therefore need not worry, they will certainly find interesting things to do during their stay. Takasaki is also the entry point for the Japanese Alps and the possibilities are virtually endless. I propose that you watch the images that we shot that day and I hope they make you want to come and practice with us next September.

Presentation of the city of Takasaki

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