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With the series of courses for the summer 2016 now over, I am now back at my home on Tokyo. As always, it was an opportunity for some intensive practice and great acquaintances. Some of the practitioners even took upon themselves to film some of the courses in order to make some short souvenir videos. Besides their interest in terms of personal archives, videos are also an opportunity to experience practice from a new perspective. Obviously it helps spotting things that are to be improved in one's aikido, and the list is long, but it also shows the influence that the type practitioners present on a particular day can have on the outer form of the technique. This is why I believe that those films are good tools for reflection an improvement.

The following video was shot by Briac Pilpré club from the club Sud Ouest Aikido. Unfortunately, Briac got injured a during practice before the seminar and he was unable to practice with us but he grabbed this as an opportunity to to film the course and take some pictures. When comparing the footage shot this year compared to that of last year, the difference is striking. I was very happy to note during practice that students from the clubs of Tarnos and Bayonne had indeed achieved substantial progress within a year in both in their practice and in their ukemi and I cannot wait to come back next year to see how far they will go. Some great pictures of the course were also taken by Sebastien Gobert and are available here.

Seminar in Bayonne

The next seminar was not so easy. Indeed, two weeks before the seminar was to take place, my host Odilon Regnard informed me that the course could no longer be held in its original location. Hearing about this, Christian Tissier suggested I hold the seminar at his dojo, the Cercle Tissier in Vincennes. I would like to sincerely thank him for the generosity and benevolence that he has constantly shown me over the years. the prospect of teaching aikido in such a mythical dojo was an extremely daunting experience but many practitioners, some of which were regular students of the Cercle, made the trip and everything went wonderfully. This time, my friends and colleagues Guillaume d'Andréa and Frank Restouin got behind the camera to film the event. Watching this video, it is rather clear that I am more tense than at Bayonne, but I am glad that this course occured the way it did, even if it had to be condensed to half day instead of a full day due to unavailability of the dojo in the morning morning. This year, like the last, my sempai Hervé Dizien (7th Dan) and Pascal Heydacker (6th Dan), both direct students André Nocquet, made the honor of attending the course. Sincere thanks to them for their support.

Seminar at the Cercle Tissier in Paris

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