Apple store in Ginza

Tomorrow, Friday 21st of September 2012 is the official launch of Apple's new iPhone 5. We covered last time the launch of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, and discussed about how it fast-forwarded the adoption of smartphones by Japanese customers in order to replace their dear keitai phones. Today, let's check whether Apple will renew their exploit and let's watch the highlights of the event, directly from the Apple Store in Ginza, the trendy district of Tokyo.

On Thursday night, 12 hours before the official launch, we went down to Ginza's Apple store in order to feel the atmosphere and interview some of the fans eagerly awaiting for the following morning. By 8:00p.m., the queue was already enormous, spreading well over two blocks. In order to secure the first places, some of the people had been waiting there as early as Sunday, 6 days before the launch!

iPhone fans queuing the night before the Apple store opening (don't forget to switch the subtitles on!)

Japanese iPhone fan with a giant home-made cardboard iPhone 5

Apple store in ginza

iPhone fan with a giant home-made cardboard iPhone 5 helmet

iPhone fans queuing in Ginza

iPhone fan sleeping in the street before the opening of the Apple Store

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