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    As I begin the last part of my seminar series for the summer of 2018, a video is already available to those who would want to get an impression of my first Parisian seminar this year held at the Picpus Gymnasium on June 24th. The course was organized by Odilon Regnard (4th Dan Aikikai), with ...
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    The series of summer seminars 2018 approaching fast. Some practitioners often take the initiative to film some of the courses, which leaves little room for error since the slightest approximation can quickly end up on the Internet but in the end, why not, and it makes good memories. The following video was shot by Briac Pilpré ...
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    Whistlekick is a weekly podcast that focuses on the martial arts through interviews and focused discussions. Past guests include Chrisine Bannon-Rodrigues, Dave Kovar,  Mike Chat, Tony Blauer, Victor Moore, Freddie LaPan and many others. When Jeremy Lesniak, the podcast owner, contacted me to invite me to his show, I expected that I was going in to ...
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    As the site seems to be becoming more and more popular (especially via the YouTube channel I think), I tend to receive more and more requests for participation in various projects. Given my geographical location and my schedule, it is sometimes difficult to accept everything, but when a request does not require that I invest ...
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    Like last year, I was invited to teach a four-day course in the Basque Country by the practitioners of Sud Ouest Aikido. Due to the success of the initial seminar, we indeed decided to make this course an annual event. While we wait for the 2017 session, here are the photos taken this year. I ...
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    It has now become something of a tradition, every time I return to Europe, I make a trip to the Gonojukan dojo in Besançon led by Aurore Mamet and Stéphane Gaiffe. This particular course was the last of a winter series that has led me to Neuilly sur Marne at Sébastien Heurteau’s dojo, Verdun, followed ...
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    In my previous article, I discussed the fact that we, as aikidoka, we spend most of our time practicing with a partner within a codified framework called katageiko.[1] One could therefore tempted to think that progression in aikido is dependent on the presence of a partner to train with. However, a lot of the progression in ...
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    While some martial arts emphasize the solitary development of both form and physical qualities, respectively through the practice of kata and suburi, aikido is practiced almost exclusively with a partner. What derives from this observation is that most of the learning in this discipline is therefore dependent on the willingness of a person (uke) to ...
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    Like every year, the Hombu Dojo was closed for a week over the summer. Hombu students usually take advantage of this free time to gather in order to train informally, even though the heat of Japanese summers can be pretty exhausting. On one of these days, I met with at the Shinjuku Sports Center my ...
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    Seminar in Besançon in Winter 2013 conducted by Guillaume Erard, 4th Dan Aikikai.