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    My first interview with Philippe Gouttard dates back to 2007, almost eight years ago. At the time, I had just met him in Dublin and I had barely started getting interested in his practice. Eight years later , I now live in Japan and my practice has changed somewhat, but my link with Philippe remained. ...
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    This sensation that we call pain in Aikido is something that has always been a source of intellectual interest to me. Indeed, why are putting ourselves through that suffering? Why do we spend hours falling, rolling, getting our wrists twisted in all directions, and receiving shocks from a partner who is supposedly a “friend”? We ...
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    The term “between techniques”, is for me is a great help to understand what aikido is about. In spite of the fact that the general level of our art has improved a lot technically thanks to the increase in teaching skills and Aikido literacy of the practitioners, I think the that the moment of time ...
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    I first thought of writing something on this theme after realizing that contrary to what I thought initially, there were some interesting differences in the way my techniques were performed and intended according to whether I was demonstrating them as a teacher, or performing them as a student. Of course, for the experiment to be ...
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    It seems important to me to give some thought to this important part of the practice in order to insure an injury and a frustration-free practice. What first comes to my mind is this: if we were to practice our art in another place than in the dojo, we would have to move fast and ...
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    Philippe Gouttard started practicing Aikido in 1970. He quickly went on to study with top Japanese masters (Nobuyoshi Tamura, Masamichi Noro and Hirozaku Kobayashi Sensei) in France and abroad. He met Katsuaki Asai Sensei during a seminar taught by master Noro. This encounter was decisive as he traveled to study with him for 7 years ...
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    Philippe Gouttard is a 6th Dan Aikikai, close student of Christian Tissier Shihan and Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan. He is the technical director of the Dublin Aikikai in Ireland and travels across the Channel twice a year to give seminars in Dublin.
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    With more than twenty trips to Japan and an exceptional experience with many prestigious and respected Masters, Philippe Gouttard is one of the most sought after technicians for his very personal insight on the Aikido discipline which he conceives as nothing less than an Art of communication. He shares with us today his vision of ...