Encounter with Katsura Sunshine, the only non-Japanese Rakugo master.

Report on Guillaume Erard's seminar held in Paris, June 2018.

Video highlights of Guillaume Erard's summer seminar in the South of France (2017)

Ty Barker, instructor at Portland Aikikai interviews Christopher Mulligan, from Aikido Kyoto.

Guillaume Erard discusses the origin of budo and the way they should be understood in today's society.

Guillaume Erard interviews Aikido pionneer Kobayashi Yasuo, 8th Dan Aikikai, and head of the Kobayashi Dojos.

Demonstrations are aimed at presenting truthfully one's art, at every level of practice, and to show gratitude to our seniors and our peers.

Video report on the 41st edition of the Kobudo Demonstration that took place at the Nippon Budo

Encounter with Katsura Sunshine, the only non-Japanese Rakugo master.

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20 Jul 2018 5:30 pm - 21 Jul 2018 5:30 pm
Guillaume Erard - Aikido Seminar - Geneva
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Guillaume Erard
Kungfukingdom published a very interesting interview with Aikido Journal's Josh Gold where he kindly cites one of m…
Guillaume Erard
Here is a video of my seminar in Bayonne two weeks ago prepared by Sud Ouest Aïkido
Guillaume Erard
That's it! The last seminar for this summer! Join me in Geneva, Switzerland for some more practice on the tatami!
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